o Q+A: Ebony & Ivory Ribbons amazing ideas

Ebony & Ivory Ribbons is a magical company, that sells lovilee gifts + décor as effectively as loads of perfect items to allow you to wrap gifts to appear a lot more lovilee than the present itself and so significantly more! I am a excellent fan of the company and order on-line from them on regular basis. Their Facebook page makes for fascinating following, as the frequently offer inventive suggestions and present wrapping tips.

o Q+A: Ebony & Ivory Ribbons amazing ideas

Q: Who are the creatives behind the company?
Eulalia + I Igna began Ebony & Ivory 8 years ago over a cup of coffee when floor space became accessible in their household business. Our growth has been completely organic and we’ve adjusted and adapted many times according our own dreams and as nicely to the demands of our customers.

Q: Why the name ‘Ebony & Ivory’?
Eulalia’s background is mainly business management and antiques and I’m a designer + artist by trade. With each other we form the perfect team – her strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa. She’s the brunette and I’m the blonde (don’t study something into that!), her initial is “E” and mine is “I”- therefore the name Ebony & Ivory.

o Q+A: Ebony & Ivory Ribbons amazing ideas

Q: What are the goods + solutions that you offer?
We have a gorgeous tiny shop in Diep River, Cape Town exactly where you can find just about anything. We describe ourselves as “Purveyors of Vintage-inspired Merchandise” so most of the products in our shop has a vintage flair. We have old things, new issues, handmade factors and also a entire variety of goodies that we design and produce ourselves. These are mainly ribbons, pin buttons and a variety of paperie items.

o Q+A: Ebony & Ivory Ribbons amazing ideas
o Q+A: Ebony & Ivory Ribbons amazing ideas

Q: Where can your goods be purchased from?
Most goods can be bought on-line, but we have a lot of fantastic goodies in the shop that’s just not mail-friendly, so a go to is a need to!

Q: How can lovilees get in speak to?

  • Website: www.ebonyandivoryribbons.co.za

  • E-mail: [email protected]

  • Facebook: EbonyIvoryRibbons

  • Tel: +27 21 713 2964

o Q+A: Ebony & Ivory Ribbons amazing ideas


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